Based in Manchester, Bryden Capital Ltd is the head of an international group of companies that provide products to the power industry through a range of high quality and high service organisations.


The current Bryden Capital organisation consists of the following organisations:

MSS India Pvt Ltd – A high quality manufacturing ‘one-stop-shop’ for the medium voltage switchgear and industrial battery markets.

MSS Europe GmbH – A specialist stock holding facility servicing a range of the power industries across mainland Europe.

G Corner Electrical Systems Ltd – A market leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of high current electrical equipment for the mineral extraction and refinery markets.


Please see above for further details on our individual companies, including their own capabilities, international presence and areas of expertise.

We are always looking to assist further companies grow within similar industries, either through growing their international sales presences or helping shareholders release equity, if you should be interested in joining our ever growing team then please do not hesitate to contact us.